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Lenova Vibe K5 Note

Presenting movies, games, and images in Full HD at 401 pixels per inch, the Lenovo Vibe K5 Note smartphone offers a real feast for the eyes. The stunning 5.5" display also has 178į of wide-angle viewing, ideal for sharing with friends and family.

VIBE K5 Note will captivate you, by day and by night. In harsh sunlight, itís brightness increases automatically. In the evening, it can dim to a level thatís soothing to the eyes. You can calibrate its screen settings to achieve the desired color temperature and saturation

Samsung Galaxy S7

The new dual-photodiode sensor camera focuses twice as fast as the Galaxy S6, so you can take the perfect photo in 0.15 seconds. The aperture is larger at f1.7 so, even in low light, photos will look bright. Plus, with Dynamic Motion Panoramic, you can bring your photos to life by adding motion to them.

Finally, a water-resistant1 phone that doesnít compromise on style. The Galaxy S7 is designed with premium-crafted glass and metal, so whether itís a hard go at the gym or being used at the office, it can take on your busiest of days. Plus, with the IP68 rating, you can be confident and comfortable and reduce the chance of dust or water damage.

With battery innovations exclusive to Samsung, you can now get up to four hours of battery life in as little as 10 minutes of charging. And with wireless charging built-in, you can quickly power up at your convenience using the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad.

ZTE Axon 7

It has 64GB built-in, 4GB of RAM and up to 128GB of expandable storage if you have a high-capacity microSD card. There's also a variant for Asia, with 128GB of built-in storage and 6GB of RAM.

Solidly built, with an unbroken metal unibody chassis, the Axon 7 is ZTE's best-looking phone ever. Its 5.5-inch display has a sharp 2,560x1,440-pixel resolution and the screen is bright enough (when cranked up) to easily see details in the sunlight.

ZTE emphasizes the Axon 7's audio expertise. In addition to the two speakers on the front, it's decked out with Dolby Atmos audio technology and an advanced chipset that lets the device both play and record crisp, high-fidelity audio. When I played a few music tracks and movie clips, it was indeed loud and clear, with lots of depth. It didn't come off as "crunchy" as phones with small, narrow audio grilles usually do.